The Past

Fire Sweep Ranch started off as a dream, when Glenn and I moved from California to Missouri in 2007. Glenn was a lifetime firefighter for Cal Fire, and was forced to retire in 2007 when he sustained several injuries that prevented him from going back out on the frontline. Since I was a high school agriculture teacher, and could teach ag anywhere, we decided to relocate our family to the wonderful state of Missouri and raise our family there. So we packed up our life and left the only state we ever knew, to venture into a new part of our lives we felt God was calling us to. We purchased 45 acres of raw land, put in a well, and built a shop to live in until we could establish ourselves. We purchased our first two heifers in 2007, and the rest is history, as they say!

The Present

We now run about 50 pairs, practice manage intensive grazing, and only use AI or embryos. We do all our own AI work, with the kids doing most of it at this time. We try to use only natural heats, and have good conception because of it. Our breeding philosophy has always been “We show breeding cattle, we don’t breed for show cattle!”. The show heifer’s life is not measured by what she wins in the ring, but by the pounds she produces in the pasture! Our cows are not pampered with grain, but must survive in our harsh environment of hot fescue. They must be fertile to stick to AI, or they quickly leave the farm. We are sharp with the knife to cut bulls, and only the best get to be promoted and sold for breeding purposes.


The Future Of Our Ranch

We welcome visitors, and would love to talk cattle with you while sipping a good cup of coffee. Whether you are looking for a breeding bull, cow or heifer, or just want to ask questions, you are always welcome at Fire Sweep Simmentals!
Thank you, and God Bless!!!
Kristina Callison
Where God comes first, then family and good cows!


20036 State Highway W
Verona MO 65769



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